If you want to study in Switzerland in hospitality area and are tired of traditional theory classes, Les Roches offers something different! We provide you with a hands-on approach to learning about international management.

Our undergraduate business degrees are an ideal first degree in hospitality, designed for recent high-school graduates and young students. The hospitality courses develop hands-on experience and multicultural perspectives with professional internships, while management courses develop self-discipline and project management skills, and a solid academic

+BBA in Hospitality Management // 3.5 YEARS

This three and a half year program includes 18 weeks of hands-on courses. Not only a study in Switzerland but students also have an opportunity to do 2 professional internships anywhere in the world to develop professional skills for hotel and restaurant operations management. It includes one whole year of business and specialization courses that develop industry-relevant management and leadership skills for maximum career prospects in the world of hospitality.

Students can choose one of the following specializations for the BBA in International Hotel Management in Switzerland:

  • Event Mananagement
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Hotel Design and Project Management
  • Culinary Business Management
  • Spa & Health Management

Les Roches also offers a Diploma in Hotel Managementon all campuses. This program includes the first three years of the BBA, plus one additional internship, with a possibility to continue to the BBA in Switzerland.

+BBA in Global Hospitality Management // 3.5 YEARS

This exclusive new global degree allows students to experience hospitality traditions, enjoy their study in Switzerland and global travel as they rotate among the campuses in Switzerland, China and Spain. The curriculum includes hands-on courses in international hospitality operations, professional internships and global business management courses. Students will rotate together to each campus and be immersed in a new culture and have the chance to study related languages and hospitality traditions.

+Multicampus options

Experience the World

The hospitality industry needs graduates with strong global experience.

Les Roches is the only school to offer global, integrated hospitality management programs which give you experience in key international tourism hubs.
Students can choose to study in Switzerland, Spain, China, Jordan or USA. Each study location has a different tuition and board fees, reflecting the local cost of living, and giving you a greater level of flexibility.

Our international study options will develop your global mind-set, language skills and cross-cultural business skills.

We provide you with an international network of campuses: Bluche-Switzerland, Marbella-Spain, Shanghai-China, Amman-Jordan and Chicago-USA.