Glion is a top-ranked hospitality management school, with campuses in Switzerland and London. Accredited at university level, it offers undergraduate, postgraduate and master programs in the fields of hospitality, tourism, event, sport and entertainment management

In an economy where university graduates may struggle to find jobs, 85% of Glion students graduate with a job or multiple job offers. Hospitality recruiters worldwide recognize the quality of their academic education, their professional and international experience and their leadership skills

Around the world, tourism and the related hospitality and service industries are experiencing unprecedented levels of growth. The travel and tourism industry alone is predicted to account for one in ten jobs worldwide by 2023. Success in these industries is not easily attained; only leaders with exceptional management skills, qualities, vision and drive can expect to rise to the top of their game and Glion Institute of Higher Education is proving to be one of the best schools to prepare students for this competitive job market

“In the stock market, people will invest in a high yield firm. I believe this is the same in the hospitality industry. The majority of the students that graduated from Glion are accepted and recruited by well-known hotel chains. So it shows that our investment will be a worthwhile one”, comments Mr. Boonanantaphat, Managing Director at Boon Chareon Weaving Co., Ltd about the added value of Glion for his daughter’s experience. “Glion is one of the top in the hospitality field. I am confident that Glion will provide my daughter with excellent education and training. Recently, she has been accepted by Ritz-Carlton for her first internship.”

Every Glion student can expect to receive a cutting-edge theoretical and practical education. They advance their skills with real-world internships and make invaluable contacts with leading international hospitality and service brands. Glion provides education that develops students’ full professional and personal potential.

“Glion is known for its diverse cultures and communities. I think this is very important when you want to work in the hospitality industry because you are going to meet lots of people with different nationalities. I think Glion can prepare me really well for this environment. The best thing about the courses is the foundation that we learn during the first semester. Without a solid foundation you cannot go far in this industry. In addition, by doing the Craft Based Learning (CBL) I’ve gained a lot of lessons and experience from in the service and kitchen areas which will be great value to my first hands-on internship”, states Orn-napat Boonanantaphat, a student in second one of the Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management.

Glion offers accredited degrees that are internationally recognized and the Glion alumni are some of the most respected industry leaders in the world. Today, students come from all over the world to study high-level programs in hospitality or event, sport and entertainment management.

Natasha “Jenny” Lau, a second semester student in the Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management, can testify about the advantages of studying in such a global environment: “Glion is a very international school with about 90 nationalities and many students tend to be from an international background. The fact that Glion has two campuses in Switzerland – Glion and Bulle – and one campus in London, makes the student experience more exciting as you get to move around and experience different parts of Switzerland”. Now, with new multicampus programs, Glion students have the chance to transfer between the campuses in Switzerland and the new branch campus in London.

By choosing Glion, students are choosing an education that sets foundations for life and provides the springboard for a successful career. They are choosing to join an academic community that will listen and respond to their needs, and a network of students and alumni that spans the globe

“I would describe a Glion student as being smart, intelligent,extremely outgoing and above all, a team player. Glion is truly like a family and the Glion Spirit keeps us together. In terms of career ambition, it is very different. Everyone has different career goals. That is the best thing about the wide scope of education at Glion– you can really become anything. You can start up your own business, you can open your own winery, you can open your own hotel, you can open your own chain of service apartments. Glion provides the rigid foundation knowledge that I think future hoteliers and business people should have in order to become successful in any kind of business”, declares Chawakorn “Winner” Limlahapun, a third semester student in the Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management



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