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If being No.1 ranked hotel management school in Australia and Asia Pacific still cannot ensure you 100% that the Blue Mountains International Hotel Mangement School will be the right place to start your journey towards a bright future, a firsthand experience shared by the current student may do!

Hotel management college

Sasikan Wilson

Year 1 student

Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School

“I have always been interested in entering the Hospitality industry and Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School has ticked all of my boxes. I had finalized my decision and decided to apply for Bachelor of Business specialized in International Hotel and Resort management. I started my degree on the 1st of October 2014 which is under the 4th term. The university is not big compared to some universities in Sydney but this is what I like most about the school. Small community size encourages students to interact and to be collaborative. I am currently in my theory term, all of the teachers are very helpful and the best part about the program is that for each subject there will be one lecture and one tutorial per week. Lecture is more about the lecturer providing information to the students whereas in a tutorial, there are more interactions and if we have any enquiries towards the topic that have been taught during the lecture on the previous day we can always ask. There is a big amount of workload but all assignments are part of the challenge that will prepare each student for the real industry.”

“If you are truly passionate about this industry then the Blue Mountains Hotel School can be your answer.There are many opportunities that are present to you concerning industry placements. I will be going on placement in April and I really look forward to the experience. All students have to do theory for one term followed by practical in the next term then off to industry placement. Even though I have not yet done practical but from what I can see, they provide great opportunities for students to get a hand on experience. Students will have the opportunity to work in all three restaurants and carry out the real service.”

“Lastly, the university is located in the Blue Mountains area which is spectacular and a great environment to study. On the weekend we could get the glimpse of Sydney city life by catching the train which will only take us approximately 2 hours from Leura. The school is like a big family, no matter how far you are away from home, you can still feel at home due to great friends and environment that you are surrounded by.