Undergraduate Degrees

If you want to study in Switzerland in hospitality area and are tired of traditional theory classes, Les Roches offers something different! We provide you with a hands-on approach to learning about international management.

Our undergraduate business degrees are an ideal first degree in hospitality, designed for recent high-school graduates and young students. The hospitality courses develop hands-on experience and multicultural perspectives with professional internships, while management courses develop self-discipline and project management skills, and a solid academic


+Diploma in International Hotel Management

If you want to study in Switzerland to gain an excellent starting point for your career in hospitality industry, this diploma may be your right choice. It combines management theory with real-world practice to give you a thorough overview of different areas in hospitality and prepare you with experience as well as practical skills to directly enter the hospitality industry or to continue your study and earn your BBA in Global Hospitality Management.

Duration: 2.5 years (including 2 internships)

Intakes: February and August

Locations: China


Semester 1- Prepare you to fulfill functions of various front-of-house departments in international restaurants or hotels.

Semester 2 – Build on the skills that you have already developed by preparing you to fulfill duties of various back-of-house departments.

Semester 3 (Internship) – You will put into practice the basics you have learned during program on campus.

Semester 4 – Prepare you to fulfill the managerial functions of the principal departments of a hotel or restaurant.

Semester 5 (Internship) – Allow you to develop your understanding of management roles within the hospitality workplace.


+Bachelor of Business (BBA) in Global Hospitality Management with specializations

To study in Switzerland and choose this unique Bachelor Degree will help you join the world of hospitality as leaders and managers with a global outlook and an innovative approach to business.

Duration: 3.5 years (including 2 internships)

Intakes: February and September

Locations: Switzerland / Spain


  • Hospitality Entrepreneurship (available in Switzerland and Spain)
  • Digital Marketing Strategies (available in Switzerland and Spain)
  • Hotel Financial Performance Management (available in Switzerland)
  • Resort Development and Management (available in Spain)


Semester 1– Be immersed in the practical arts.

Semester 2 (Internship) – Expose you to roles and responsibilities in hospitality operations.

Semester 3 – Take courses on hospitality fundamentals

Semester 4 – Continue to build your understanding of key hospitality principles.

Semester 5 (Internship) – Build your skills in hospitality management, project management, time management and communication.

Semester 6 – Business integration

Semester 7 – Choose a specialization or General Management track.