This will be an inspiring seminar featuring accomplished alumni from Glion and Les Roches.  Join us as they recount their remarkable journeys, providing invaluable insights into how their Glion and Les Roches education had paved the way for their extraordinary career achievements.  They will also be sharing valuable lessons they learnt along the way.

Questions to ask:

  • What were the key experiences or lessons from Glion or Les Roches that you believe significantly contributed to your career success?
  • Can you describe a challenging situation you faced in your career and how you overcame it?
  • What qualities or skills do you believe are crucial for successful leadership in the hospitality industry?
  • How has your international experience contributed to your professional growth and success in the hospitality industry?

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limit 30 seat

Vanue : Waldorf Astoria Bangkok
Saturday 9 December 2023 | 10.00 – 12.00 .

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