The AGSB graduate program is designed for the successful undergraduate with some significant work experience so that the successful participant will gain the necessary skills and experience to successfully contribute to any business organisation in a mid-level general management position.

The university considers a general manager as being one who applies academic and practical concepts in order to analyse a variety of business situations on a global perspective and who works both individually and in teams to formulate ethical and reasoned judgements that are logical, supported by facts and effectively communicated.

The following are the stated Intended Student Learning Outcomes of the MIBA program:

1. The successful MIBA participant will be able to analyze and evaluate the performance of a business in the functional areas of general management (accounting, economics, finance and marketing).

2. The successful MIBA participant will be able to analyse and evaluate decision alternatives using business theories, tools and techniques for internal and external analysis of a business or industry situation and be able to support and defend their recommendations.

3. The successful MIBA participant will be able to create, design and present advanced oral and written business presentations and basic scholarly papers.

4. The successful MIBA participant will set an example to other students by exhibiting the behaviours and skills to conduct their affairs in a businesslike manner with respect to their appearance, timeliness and preparation, as well as demonstrating the ability to work cooperatively in mixed teams towards a common goal.

The conferring of a MIBA degree from AGSB University follows only after completing all three (3) of the following requirements:

  • Academic credit requirements,
  • Academic performance requirements,
  • Attendance requirements and residency requirements.

A normal course of study to complete a MIBA program over two (2) years, includes a Dissertation for six (6) credits and an internship for six (6) credits therefore twenty-two (22) courses of  three (3) credits each are to be successfully completed. Although most courses earn three (3) credits in one term there are some courses given over the whole academic year (e.g. Field Trip) and some courses count double or six (6) credits (e.g. Dissertation).

The MIBA academic requirement is a minimum of 79 credits.

The MIBA program requires a Cumulative GPA of 3.0


An internship is required for completion of the MIBA program. The AGSB Internship is full-time employment for six (6) months; equivalent to 25 weeks of 40 hours of work each week. Six (6) credits are awarded on a pass/fail basis by the administration based on a written review of the internship by a direct supervisor. The review identifies the tasks and responsibilities given to the candidate and evaluates their performance.


A dissertation is required for completion of the MIBA program. The dissertation can take the form of a research proposal, where the validity of one or more hypotheses is investigated, or in the form of a business plan.

Duration: 12-24 Months

Enrollment: Full/Part Time

Intake: January, April & September