Master Degrees

+MSC in International Hospitality Finance (1 year)

This Master of Science (MSc) in International Hospitality Finance is a hybrid program that is offered half on-campus, and half on-line. It is ideal for hospitality graduates or other degree holders who wish to develop their strategic financial decision-making, and hospitality revenue management skills.

+MBA in International Hospitality & Service Industries Management

This MBA offers a choice of Leadership or Marketing specialization andis designed for undergraduate degree holders and management professionals who wish to enhance their career options within the hospitality, tourism and service industries.

  • Full time MBA (1 year)
    This full time MBA in hospitality is delivered on-site for students who wish to reach upper- management positions requiring strategic management knowledge.
    • Marketing Track
    • Leadership Track
  • MBA for Executives (2.5 years)
    The MBA for executives program with campus-based learning is designed for working professionals who aim to strengthen their leadership and management skills. The program combines online education with short study periods at Glion London.
    • Finance Track
    • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Track
  • Hybrid MBA (1.5–2 years)
    This flexible MBA hybrid, delivered partly on campus and partly online, is perfect for students who want to get into the workplace quickly while finishing the MBA online.
    • General Management Track
    • Asset and Revenue Management Track
    • Marketing and Innovation Track
  • Professional MBA
    This tailor-made MBA includes one 6-month internship and offers flexible options to complete the degree on campus or online.
    • Professional MBA (A) 1.5–2.5 years
    • Professional MBA (B) – For career changer 2-3 years
    • Professional MBA: Internship requirement
    • Professional MBA: Professional Preparatory Knowledge Courses

+Online MBA in International Hospitality & Service Industries Management (2.5 years)

This online program is designed for experienced hospitality and management professionals, offering the same in quality and courses as the traditional Glion MBA. The virtual learning environment makes it flexible and accessible for working professionals.

    • General Management Track
    • Asset and Revenue Management Track
    • Marketing and Innovation Track