+ Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts

Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts with Concentration in Nutrition

This traditional four-year program provides you many options in the culinary field post-graduation. Your curriculum will build up to advanced skills, practical restaurant experience and in-depth study of the cuisines of the world. Tap into your entrepreneurial spirit by learning how to plan, build, promote, run and sustain a flourishing food-related business, while gaining the necessary language, math, computer and communications skills that are critical for success in any field. Gain solid culinary skills as well as a strong business and general education foundation.

This program gives you a broad array of career options with it’s comprehensive combination of:

  • Cooking skills and techniques, both fundamental and advanced, that prepares graduates for fine-dining kitchens and other foodservice operations.
  • In-depth examination of international cuisines, including Latin and South American, Mediterranean and Asian, as well as modern culinary techniques including sous-vide.
  • Business skills, from finance to marketing to personnel, preparing students to plan, build, promote and sustain food-related businesses.
  • A solid general education foundation stressing the versatile skills, knowledge and values – such as communication and problem solving – needed to succeed as a working professional in any career.
  • Real-world experience through internships at local, national or international establishments.

A.A.S. in Culinary Arts

Our A.A.S. in Culinary Arts degree program uniquely fuses the art and science of cooking with an introduction to critical business management practices. It can be completed in as few as seven quarters when attending full-time or in as few as 13 quarters when participating on a part-time basis. You will receive rigorous culinary training, and introduction to the types of leadership and collaborations skills that are needed to excel in the foodservice industry.

At Kendall, we start with the fundamentals, then incorporate advanced culinary techniques and skills. You will practice your skills in on-campus restaurants including our Zagat-rated, Michelin Guide recommended fine-dining restaurant that is open to the public and staffed with Kendall students in a variety of service capacities.

This program also requires the completion of general education coursework, including composition, foreign languages, computer literacy and the humanities.

Your A.A.S degree in  Culinary Arts or Baking and Pastry is the perfect springboard towards Bachelor degree completion.  Earn your Bachelor’s degree from Kendall College, in as few as two years*, through our degree completion pathways in either Culinary Arts, Hospitality Management or Business.

A.A.S. in Culinary Arts (accelerated program)

Many of our students discover their true passion for food and foodservice later in life, after they’ve already acquired an undergraduate degree or spent significant time in other industries. If you already have a bachelors degree, this fast-track program allows you to earn a two-year degree in only five quarters. Students receive the same depth of culinary education as the traditional A.A.S. program, without repeating general education requirements completed at other colleges.

A.A.S. in Baking & Pastry

This six-quarter program prepares you to enter the baking and pastry profession with confidence. You will learn lectures and hands-in application in our commercial-grade bakeshop facilities. Your courses cover mixing, shaping and baking techniques, as well as creative design. During your program you will take chocolate and confectionery classes as well as a unique wedding cake course. The campus and community will experience your hard work in the cafeteria, Michelin recommended fine-dining restaurant and The Daily Grind coffee shop where your desserts and pastries will be served.

Your A.A.S degree in Baking and Pastry is the perfect springboard towards Bachelor degree completion. Earn your Bachelor of Arts from Kendall College, in as few as two years*, through our degree completion pathways in either Culinary Arts, Hospitality Management or Business.


+Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management

You know you want to earn your bachelors in hospitality management, so let’s take a deep-dive into what you should expect in and out of the classroom. A strong hospitality management education goes beyond your typical hospitality curriculum. You will be learning about finance, marketing and communication through in-class collaborative projects; then working the front of the house in our fine-dining room and learning to cook in our kitchens. In your junior year, you will hit the ground running with your first of two required internships. Students have interned at a variety of resorts and restaurants, from New Hampshire to Florida to downtown Chicago. After graduation, you will be able to draw on your internship experiences to succeed in hospitality-related careers around the globe.


We focus on developing:

Leadership capabilities

International perspective

Presentation skills

Sales and relationship-management skills

Business acumen and professional polish

Critical-thinking and decision-making skills


+Bachelor of Arts in Business

Our Business program combines innovative tools such as situation-based challenges, living case studies, management simulations and integrative projects with a globally-driven academic base in the areas of economics, accounting, finance, marketing and human resources. Our goal is to prepare you for success in the areas of  retail, marketing, sales, communications, financial services, insurance, public administration, consulting, project management and foodservice management.

It takes more than just a textbook approach to succeed in today’s service-driven, global economy. It takes people who think creatively, have superior problem-solving skills and the determination to work hard – people who understand the “big-picture” with the ability to execute and deliver practical, tangible outcomes. Our innovative business program also includes a solid academic foundation found in more traditional business programs.

Culinary Entrepreneurship

Leveraging our rich history and award winning Culinary program, students with an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in Culinary Arts or Baking and Pastry can pursue their dreams to open restaurants or bakeries, start their own food production businesses, be a freelance nutritionist or personal chef, or operate a variety of food related small businesses. In our Culinary Entrepreneurship concentration you will be required to take two culinary related courses, plus foundational small business management (SBM) courses and electives.


International Business

Our concentration in international business capitalizes on the wide array of business programs offered throughout the Laureate International Universities network, specifically in Brazil, Germany, France, Spain and Turkey. This 24 credit concentration requires you to spend a minimum of six months (or two quarters) studying at an approved institution outside of the United States.

You may select from a number of programs and courses that have been pre-approved by the program director, or may petition the director for approval of courses from programs outside the network. The study abroad courses that count towards the concentration credits must be business related and not a repetition of any of the required Kendall Business program core courses. You are responsible for ensuring they meet the entrance, language proficiency, prerequisite and visa requirements of the host institution and country. If eligible and with director approval, you may opt to also perform an internship in the host country.

You must have a minimum of sophomore standing plus earned a minimum of 32 credit hours in the Kendall College Business program before being eligible to study abroad.



Our concentration in business strategy develops global business leaders to integrate the critical functions of a firm so that decisions flow from, and support, the overall strategy. This concentration prepares graduates to be collaborative professionals who can immediately add value to any organization.

Small Business Management

Whether starting your own business or launching and growing products and services within an existing business, you need to be prepared for entrepreneurial environments. This concentration is ideal for people who want to launch a business, take over a family business or be a freelance consultant. You explore options such as creating new markets, leveraging virtual strategies and franchising to discover paths to economic growth.