Have you ever scrolled through a fitness page on Instagram and thought “I would really love to do a class like that”. Or heard a song and thought “I could play that” but then for whatever reason kept scrolling and never got around to trying it out? Student Ambassador Candelaria Surur says now is the time to turn a difficult situation into an opportunity. 

For all of the things that have been canceled, and all of our past procrastination, we finally have an unexpected opportunity to work on ourselves; to do more of the things that make us happy. Time and desire are the only things you need to get started. The whole world is going through the same thing, at the same time, joined together in a state of isolation.

So please take a look at my Top 10 list of activities that I think, and hope, can help us all to be happy in these strange times we’re in. We can do this. Together!

1) The the time to exercise at home

Exercise empties the mind and fills you with positivity and power. Perfect for getting in the right mindset for the day ahead. Try to do at least one gym class every day. You will see the difference after you’ve done it. And it is so easy to do. Instructors and health coaches all around the world are putting their best efforts into giving out online classes for improving our experience during the quarantine. Simply check on Instagram and you will find many fitness coaches giving out free classes every day. Cardio, pilates, kickboxing, HIIT and Zumba just to name a few! If you are really not into traditional exercising, you can always try out one of the many yoga, stretching and meditation classes they also provide.

There are also a lot of gyms doing online classes in virtual platforms like Zoom, at very low prices. Take advantage of the opportunity to train with great coaches and trainers, from the comfort of your living room. You can change your usual gym equipment for a chair, bench, or even cans and bottles of water that can serve as weights. It’s all about being adaptable.

2) Learn new recipes

Wash your hands, put on some music, and start experimenting in the kitchen. It is such a fulfilling activity that we can do with our families and enjoy spending some time together, while cooking delicious brownies, or cookies, or cakes, or anything you really like to do. But don’t stay in the basic; why not get out of your comfort zone to try new things? Experiment with new recipes, try vegan dishes, gluten-free options, healthy choices, and of course a lot of desserts as well! Cooking is such an amazing and fun activity to do at this moment, and it really does take your mind off things.

3) Grab a book and relax with it

Find a comfy place around your house, maybe outside in the garden, or on that nice sofa in the living room. Grab a book and get immersed in it; you don’t have any time limits or schedules to follow! It’s a fact that reading can reduce stress, and in moments like this we might be filled with anxiety and frustration. Reading is an amazing way to relax.

4) Spend some quality time with your loved ones

If you are lucky enough to be with your family at home, take the time to enjoy and appreciate them. Grab a board game and have a game night all together. Get a glass of wine and some cookies, and sit around the table to share stories and moments together from years gone by. And if you are not with family right now, make a phone call. It’s the sharing of that moment that will make you all feel happier and safer.

5) Connect with friends

Whether you prefer to use FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, HouseParty, Zoom, Netflix Party, or any other platform that you like, take a moment every day to connect with your friends. Remember, we are all in this together, we all are isolated in our houses, and we all miss our friends so very much!

Call your group of friends often over a video call and play a game altogether, have a laugh, talk about all the things you would do on a random day out with them. And don’t forget to grab a glass of wine (or a soft drink of course!) to toast with them despite the distance!

6) Make Fridays still count as Fridays

Many of us are dealing with schedules that are in ruins and daily lives that are all over the place at the moment. However, don’t forget to still make the weekends count. Either with your family at home, or with your friends over a video call, put on some nice clothes (rather than your pajamas!), turn on some music, grab a drink, and have some laughs all night long with them. We mustn’t lose the sense of fun and parties of the weekends…

There are a lot of places – especially in big cities like my home Buenos Aires – where the view from balconies on a Friday night is of your neighbors pulling out their speakers and all the lights within the building flickering to the rhythm of different songs and partying all together! An incredible experience.

7) Take advantage of classic sports replays

There are no live sports to watch on TV right now (which makes all of us sports fans extremely sad). But there is something amazing going on around the world: many of the classic sports matches from history are being replayed on TV!

Last week, we had the chance to relive matches from the FIFA World Cup 2002, and every day we can get access to new classic games. Take advantage and welcome back your family sports afternoons.

8) Watch more shows and series

We always want more and more time to watch new shows, series and movies. Well, now we have it and we have to make it count! Conveniently, the newest season of Netflix’s world famous and addictive La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) series came out just a few weeks ago. If you haven’t seen it, this is your chance to start watching one of the catchiest and most addictive worldwide shows that we’ve seen in a while. You can also take this time to watch all of those long and deep films you’ve been putting off during the last few months as well.

9) Learn a new language

Because, why not? It is as easy as downloading an app like Duolingo, choosing the language you would like to learn and do a little bit of it every day. It’s a great way to take your mind off things and focus on a specific goal, which can help you organize yourself better during confinement.

10) “Go” to the theater

For Broadway shows and musicals fans, there is good news for you. Theaters have closed their doors across the world. However, platforms like BroadwayHD or Teatrix are streaming different shows to enjoy and watch from the comfort of the sofa at home. The Metropolitan Operain New York, is also streaming shows every week for free. Isn’t it fantastic?


Finally, take the time during this quarantine to actually look inside yourself and do whatever makes you feel happiest. Anything that brings joy and comfort right now is something worth doing.

And remember, we ARE all in this together, and we WILL get out of it together.

Source: https://lesroches.edu/blog/things-to-do-during-quarantine/