As a combination of two Swiss degrees in hospitality, this pathway offers a deeper immersion and broader overview of the industry with more internship experience.

Beginning in the cosy, hotel-resort setting of the Passugg campus and finishing with a final semester on the Lausanne campus, it’s an ideal choice if you are passionate about culinary arts, customer experience and hotel management, and you wish to gain extensive work experience before graduation.

Course Highlights

  • Two premium study environments in Switzerland
  • In-depth hospitality training preparing for general management roles
  • Creative projects testing the latest culinary concepts and hotel trends
  • One-on-one learning and small classes in a resort-style setting
  • Soft skills and an “affective approach” to enhance customer experience
  • Majors in Culinary Arts or Spa & Wellness Management
  • One year of work experience to prepare for management roles

Swiss Professional Degree in Hospitality Management (HF)

This pathway begins with the Swiss Professional Degree (Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education in Hospitality Management) (HF) which includes:

  • A 50/50 combination of theoretical and practical learning
  • A strong customer service focus based on industry know-how
  • A comprehensive overview of the industry for holistic hospitality management skills
  • Choice between the courses delivered in English and German language in Passugg
  • Choice of two Majors: Culinary Arts or Spa & Wellness Management.

Following the Swiss Professional Degree, you will then continue your studies to earn the Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management.

One Year of Work Experience

This pathway requires a total of one year of work experience for graduation:

  • Achieved through several 3- to 6-month internships
  • Roles in both operations and supervisory/management positions
  • Previous hospitality work experience may be counted towards the total time required
  • Makes you a mature candidate with professional know-how to confidently lead a team
  • Gives you the years of experience required for most managerial position

Three Semesters to Bachelor’s Degree Completion

Upon successful completion of the Swiss Professional Degree, you can complete your bachelor’s degree by studying for three additional semesters focusing on international business strategy and development. Optionally, you can also complete The Bachelor Degree’s six-month management internship in Semester 4, to add even more work experience to your CV.

Two Semesters in Chur-Passugg or Singapore

  • Semesters 3 & 5 of the EHL Bachelor program
  • Advanced level courses in business analysis, strategic management, applied and integrated hospitality management, communication, and culture
  • Teamwork assignments, case studies, and interactions with industry experts

Final Semester in Lausanne

  • Semester 6 of the EHL Bachelor program
  • Choose three electives from nearly 20 industry-relevant subjects to develop specific expertise for your career path
  • Student Business Project: A final group project where you become the consultant and solve a business challenge for an external industry partner.