Schule Schloss Salem was founded by Max v. Baden and Kurt Hahn in 1920. During the course of the years Salem has developed to become the largest and also the most well-known  international German grammar and boarding school and has introduced a great many educational innovations; however, today, in boarding and in school life, Salem is still focussed on fulfilling its claim: building character.

As a consequence, this objective subsequently means that the pupils and older students at Salem are unable to avoid having to assume responsibility. Firstly, the Salem students assume responsibility for themselves, for their commitment to developing their own skills and interests, and then, however, also for the needs of the boarding school community and beyond that, for the tasks and problems of the future that present themselves in politics, society, the economy, the environment and culture from a cosmopolitan perspective.

At Salem the school and boarding school – when understood as a single entity – provide the enriching, value-conscious and demanding framework for the all-round, personal development of each individual. 

The educational concept of Schule Schloss Salem is of a holistic kind and is based on “learning by experience” and “experiential education“. Subsequently, not only the cognitive, intellectual skills of the students at Salem are promoted; the teachers also constantly ensure that challenges are created where social issues, creative activity in the arts and sport are concerned

Key Facts

  • Founded in: 1920
  • Student: 600 boarders
  • Age range: Boys and Girls from 11 to 18
  • Campus:
    • the junior and  middle school at Schloss Salem (years 5-10)
    • the upper school at Salem International College (years 11 and 12, including the IB Diploma).
  • Accreditation: Round Square, International Baccalaureate, CIS
  • Nationalities:  40 nationalities


  • Languages: German,English
  • Diplomas: International Baccalaureate(IB) an German Abitur
  • Ratio Staff/Students: 1:8 (teachers)
  • Foreign language: English, French, Latin, Spanish, Greek
  • Summer schools: Hohenfels Castle (for 9-12 year old students), Salem Castle (for 12-14 year old students) and Spetzgart Castle (for 14-16 year old students)