Why Institut Villa Pierrefeu

With 65 years of experience, Institut Villa Pierrefeu is a traditional Finishing School of the type the world expects from Switzerland. Elegant, exclusive and charming, it will prepare you for a role in the business world and society, aiming to help you become more effective in multicultural environments and dealings.

IVP was described in a recently published German book by famous author Wolfgang KOYDL as one of the 33 things one should have done or seen while in Switzerland.

We offer several Finishing programs:

  1. 1. Intensive International Etiquette & Protocol Courses (3 to 6 weeks). Starting: June 16th or July 7th, 2019) for women over 18 years old.

Summer IEP: Business and social international etiquette
  1. IVP Diploma (36 weekly hours of class) in IEP (International Etiquette & Protocol) courses.

  2. Higher Certificate (28 weekly hours of class) in IEP (International Etiquette & Protocol) courses.

  3. These are intensive programs of International Etiquette (covering 20 countries), Protocol, “Savoir-Vivre”, Business Etiquette, Table Service, Hostessing, Floral Art & Table Decoration. (Extra courses: Effective Communication, Personal Presentation, Home Management and several “one of a kind” sessions). Age: 18 to 40 (+).

  4. The full course is planned over 6 weeks but it is also possible to do 3 weeks in June or 3 weeks in July.

  5. Students can reside on campus (“residents“) or stay at a hotel or an other place nearby and come as “day student“.

  1. 2. Intensive Etiquette Seminar (1 to 2 weeks). Starting: July 29th, 2019 or October 4th and/or 14th, 2019) for men & women over 21 years old.

Winter intensive: International dining manners
  1. The Intensive Etiquette Seminars are two very useful 5 day courses for anyone wanting to understand multi-cultural diversity and avoid making costly social or business mistakes. Attend both or only the one of your choice.

  2. Week EAD – European “Art of Dining”
    (March: FULL or August: 29.07 – 02.08.2019 or October: 07.10 – 11.10.2019

    The traditions, evolution and present usage in the European “Art of dining”, with some practice.

  3. European Table manners (French, European & English style)

  4. •  Understand formal table service, settings and styles

  5. Refining your knowledge of cutlery

  6. Menu planning and structures, European menu sequences. Food and drink taboos

  7. Pairing food with wine

  8. After dinner coffee variables

  9. Precedence and conversation at the table as well as small talk

  10. Types and styles of invitations, Dress codes for formal and informal occasions

  11. Traditions and history of English tea and three other European cultures

  12. 4 dining tutorials at lunch with feedback

  13. Week ECD – Exploring Cultural Differences
    (March: FULL or October: 14.10 – 18.10.2019)

    To give you a detailed overview of international customs and etiquette.
    Very useful for anyone wanting to understand multicultural diversity.

  14. International communications: comparing cultures

  15. European, Asian, American (North and Latin) and Middle Eastern customs including:

    Greetings, introductions and forms of address

    Do’s and don’ts in conversation

    Do’s and don’ts in giving gifts and flowers

    Dress codes

  16. 3 master classes on International dining skills (non-European as European dining skills are covered in detail in week EAD)

  17. Students can reside on campus (“residents“) or stay at a hotel or an other place nearby and come as “day student“.

  1. 3. Bespoke course and special training on request. (A fee of CHF 1’250.- is charged for the proposal. It will be deducted from the final cost).

Seminar: Teaching professional from around the world
  1. Examples of tailor-made programs given on our own campus

  2. Introduction to European manners and lifestyle to participants from other cultures.

  3. Intensive course in the customs and mores of European, American, Middle Eastern and Asian cultures.

  4. Diplomatic usage and Protocol, International customs, European etiquette variations for VIP Ladies from an other culture.

  5. Examples of tailor-made seminars we have given in other countries

  6. In Japan: International customs one should know when traveling and when receiving foreign guests.

  7. In the Middle East: Diplomatic Protocol, Precedence, European table manners and reception styles, Dress definitions for formal invitations.

  8. Special private two to ten day courses, in their own residence, program chosen from our list of subjects, adapted to the client’s culture and lifestyle.

  9. One week course in an exclusive private school for girls, for the graduating students.

  10. To protect the privacy of our “students” we do not give their names.