• Talent-Campus

Talent-Campus is a place where tradition meets innovation. Swiss precision in education and sports. We pave the way to universities and to the Olympic Games. We are the Swiss Private School for ambitious children and adolescents from the age of 3 to 25. Since 1980 we have striven for excellence in education and sport, with a special touch on individualised learning.


  • Education by Passion

Our team of experienced teachers shares a common goal: to tailor an individual path of learning leading to a national or international qualification for every child and every adolescent. For a child to reach his or her full potential and make his or her dream career become reality, education has to be customised to meet the learners’ needs.


  • In the Heart of Europe

Talent-Campus is situated in a recreational area in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. The border to Constance, Germany, and the shore of Lake Constance are no more than a stone’s throw away. This attractive location is unique, in the heart of an area famous for its wealth of leisure and wellness opportunities. Cultural explorations of world cities like London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona or Rome are within our reach.


  • Safe and Secure

Switzerland belongs to the safest countries globally in 2017 according to a ranking of the «Human Security Index». We are fortunate to live in a country in which our children are able to walk to school on their own and unsupervised, where we can stroll through the city at night without fear, and in which we can feel fully safe and secure.


  • Swiss Educational Architecture

The architecture and interior design of Talent-Campus closely reflect its pedagogical concept. Open space, transparency, and a sense of community permeate every room of the building that complements the green environment of the shore of Lake Constance. The campus, besides its beautiful surrounding, offers a huge roof terrace with an open-air cinema in the summer months, a dojo and a fitness centre. State-of-the-art architecture in education!


  • Programmes

Accomplish Academic & Athletic Goals

It can be challenging to combine school education with athletic ambitions. As a matter of fact, timetables are often out of sync with training sessions. With the sports programme at Talent-Campus you can forget about this burden. We offer individualised learning that takes into account our students’ personal needs and harmonizes with professional sports training. Young athletes are trained by professional Swiss Olympic coaches in a unique surrounding at the shore of Lake Constance.

Cambridge «Advanced»

At the age of 16 or 17, students enter the Cambridge «Advanced Level» programme. The «A Level» programme is a 2-year pre-university course during which learners take in-depth studies in 3 to 4 subjects: Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Economics, Business, English, German. The Cambridge «A Level» qualification is recognized globally for university entrance. Optionally, language courses in French, Italian and Mandarin are also available.

Cambridge «Secondary»

In the «Cambridge Secondary» programme, adolescents obtain the «Cambridge IGCSE» qualification, the most internationally recognised qualification for the 14 – 16 year-olds. Young people with this foundation can take the entrance examination for grammar schools or baccalaureate schools. In addition, they can proceed internally and worldwide in the Cambridge programme (A Levels).

Cambridge «Primary»

The «Cambridge Primary» school programme at Talent-Campus offers children from the age of three a secure and caring environment to develop holistically. Playing and learning are characterised by curiosity and multilingualism. The whole programme is offered bilingually in English and German