Since 1897, the Collège & Lycée Saint-Charles has stayed faithful to its values of openness, humanism and respect for its traditions. It is a proud establishment, where youngsters receive the very best education in order to become tomorrow’s citizens of the world.

Saint-Charles offers a complete curriculum for students aged between 10 and 20. We do everything possible to ensure that from primary level right through to the Maturité, students can learn at their own pace and find their way successfully. Our commitment to the youngsters in our care and their parents is based on high-quality teaching, the skills and dedication of our staff and personal monitoring of students – founded on the concepts of care and attentive listening. A modern boarding school that can comfortably accommodate several dozen students.Modern campus, perfectly maintained, various buildings.Sports equipment, in-door swimming pool

Complete curriculum from the 6th HarmoS through to the Maturité. A recognised gymnasial Maturité can be obtained in four years. (Saint-Charles is one of the few private schools in French-speaking Switzerland to offer this.) A bilingual French-English Maturité (unique in the Jura region)



  • Primary School

The school welcomes primary school children from the 5th HarmoS onwards. The students receive highly structured teaching. They are supervised by a teaching team that work together closely. The teaching schedules are different from that of public schools, especially in terms of the transition to secondary school. Students make use of the 5th and 7th year of primary school to familiarise themselves with the school, and in particular with intensive language learning. Subsequently, the 8th and 9th year allow children to finish their training in order to choose their future paths at the end of the 9th year.

  • College

The pre-gymnasial “A” pathway is intended mainly for students wishing to pursue further studies after the end of compulsory schooling. The work is fast-paced and demanding. This course offers pupils a Latin option, which is essential for learning this language in high school, or a science option that includes the study of physics and applied sciences and an hour of technical drawing.

The general “B” pathway is aimed at pupils intending to go on to (among other possibilities) a commercial school, a general education school or an apprenticeship. The main branches are recognised by the canton of Jura as level “B”.


Starting in August 2018, Collège & Lycée Saint Charles will offer its students the possibility to join final two years of the MYP (Middle Years Program) of the IB (International Baccalaureate), as candidate school. The MYP program is conceived for students between 11 and 16 years old. Our school will offer the last two years of this program, in preparation for the pathway for the IB diploma.

The IB programs are recognised all over the world and aim at giving students skills allowing them to evolve in a multicultural and interconnected world.


The school differentiates itself by the duration of studies and the pace of work. The students take their Maturité diplomas after four years of courses. This schedule allows students to reconcile their studies with extra-curricular activities and to develop their know-how as well as their social skills. The free time provided is beneficial to students’ development.

Saint-Charles, committed to encouraging language learning, has set up a bilingual French-English Maturité branch. In accordance with the requirements of Commission Suisse de Maturité, teaching activities in the target language will account for more than 1,300 hours spread over the four years of the Lycée.