Our mission

ExcellenceThe School that leading in Culinary Arts and Pastry Arts from France. Guarantee by Michelin star chef and there are network of Michelin star restaurant overall 21 stars!Teaching student only 14 students per one classroom.There are students that come from all around the world. It has professional kitchen for teaching with world class equipment and there is training in Michelin star restaurant.Alain Ducasse Education was founded by the world-renowned chef Alain Ducasse in 1999 with one single objective: transmit the knowledge and the know-how of the culinary, pastry arts and management.Alain Ducasse Education is part of the world of excellence of Alain Ducasse Entreprise which has developed a strong and unique experience worldwide with 24 restaurants in 8 countries and a unique collection of over 550 charming hotels and gourmet tables in France and abroad.

The Alain Ducasse Education mission is to educate the next generation of the most recognized international professionals in culinary, pastry arts and management with exceptional global standards, rigor, innovation, and creativity.
Alain Ducasse Education is dedicated to develop accessible and internationally-oriented educational programs that cultivate excellence in the practice.