The EU Barcelona is the EU Group Business School Barcelona campus in Spain. It is located in La Bonanova, a refined neighborhood that is just a five-minute journey from the very center of the city. Well connected, it is within two minutes’ walking distance of public transport and is also easily accessible by car or taxi.

The study complex at EU Barcelona Business School includes three buildings and combines modern, comfortable fittings with contemporary instructional tools. As in the other campuses, Barcelona students have access to tools such as SMARTboards, which optimize student and faculty interaction. The whole campus is supported by a Wi-Fi connection so that students can work from their personal laptops between classes.

Almost an entire floor of the main campus building is dedicated to digital instruction tools. Onsite technical support is available upon request.

The student library has key textbooks and periodicals for students’ reference, as well as Wi-Fi range that enables access to the award-winning online learning resource ProQuest; which is also available remotely via our intranet.

+Business Foundation Program

+Undergraduate / Bachelor’s Programs

  • BBA – Business Admistration
  • BA – Communication & Public Relations
  • BA – Leisure & Tourism Management
  • BA – International Relations
  • BA – Sports Management
  • BS – Business Finance
  • BS – Digital Media Management
  • BA – Business & Sustainability Management
  • BA – Business & Design Management
  • BA – Family Business Management
  • BA – (Hons) in Business Management
  • BA – (Hons) in Business (International Business)
  • BA – (Hons) in Business (Marketing)
  • BA – (Hons) in Business (Finance)
  • BA – (Hons) in Business (Enterprise)
  • BA – (Hons) in Business (HRM)
  • EBBA – Executive BBA

+Double Qualifications on Campus (Graduate)

  • BSc (Hons) International Business (University of Roehampton)

+Graduate/MBA Programs

  • MBA – International Business
  • MBA – Communication & Public Relations
  • MBA – International Marketing
  • MBA – Global Banking & Finance
  • MBA – Leisure & Tourism Management
  • MBA – Entrepreneurship
  • MBA – Leadership
  • MBA – E-Business
  • MBA – Sports Management
  • MBA – Human Resources Management
  • MBA – Design Management
  • MBA – Reputation Management
  • MSc – International Management (University of Roehampton)
  • MBA – (University of Roehampton)

+Double Qualifications on Campus (Graduate)

  • MSc – International Management (University of Roehampton)
  • MBA – (University of Roehampton)