Overview  Fashion Design School in Italy

Istituto Europeo di Design is an international school of higher education for Design, Fashion Design School in Italy, Fashion, Visual Communication and Management of creative disciplines. Established in 1966, long before the blossoming of the Universities of design in Italy, its pragmatic, culturally rich model instantly made it a strikingly innovative institution.

Occupying a middle ground between the limitations on purely vocational schools and absolute academic abstraction, IED is the achievement of its founder and current President Francesco Morelli’s farsighted intuition, which he expressed in the synthesis of “knowledge and know-how”, the underlying thinking behind the IED project.

Today, IED is an international university-level network with seats in Italy, Spain and Brazil. Starting from China, IED is now about to expand its international presence, paying special attention to the rising star countries of the new economy and continuing to pursue its constantly evolving cultural and entrepreneurial project. The Environment, Sustainability, Art, the Excellences of Made in Italy and the New Media are just some of the professional scenarios targeted by Fashion Design School in Italy , the new training courses available at IED.

History Fashion Design School in Italy

Even if IED keeps its Italian cultural matrix, nowadays it is also considered an international school, a place of culture and training with seats in Milan, Rome, Turin, Venice, Florence, Cagliari, Como, Madrid, Barcelona, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The school organizes three-year under-graduate courses in Fashion Design Fashion Design School in Italy, Visual communication  , specialization and professional development courses, advanced training courses and masters.

Since 1966 IED has developed an innovative didactic methodology focused on the synergy between technology and experimentation, and based on creativity, on the development of cross-disciplinary projects and integrated communication strategies, and on the different aspects of the market as well as on the new job profiles. A methodology nourished and enriched by the constant dialogue with professionals coming from all fields and working as teachers at IED.

Vision Fashion Design School in Italy

In an increasingly globalized world, IED is positioned as the international school of higher education for all the creative professions, with a special focus on all the different and latest adaptations of design Fashion Design School in Italy . IED aims at contributing to the wealth generated by cultural exchanges between Nations, and at respecting diversity in nature and in the environment to train responsible future citizens of the world. Its mission is to develop the students’ creative talent by providing them with the conceptual, design and organizational tools they need to be proficient, competitive professionals in an interconnected world that presents increasingly arduous challenges.

Relations with Companies Fashion Design School in Italy

Ever since its foundation, the mission and objectives that have driven the training experience at IED have remained unchanged. Every day, our training model builds new value on constructive confrontation, exchange and relations between business enterprises operating on a local and regional scale and internationally, communities of professionals and the young people who represent the future. This is a virtuous relationship, based on students’ readiness and commitment to grow and learn through an unprecedented experience.

Every year, almost 100 companies Fashion Design School in Italy collaborate in training IED students in different ways so that they can access the job market. Research projects, creative competitions, workshops, special projects are the most common methodologies used in the IED-companies relationship. These are great opportunities for the students to establish study and comparison relationships aimed at work and to participate in the society as full members of it.

Thanks to its enlarged network including studies, companies, institutions and partner universities, IED is not only a training institute but also an incubator for its students where they develop their business skills, as well as a showcase highlighting their talents.

Armani, Ferrari, Ducati, Dolce&Gabbana, Benetton Group, BMW, Siemens, Red Bull, Apple, Vodafone, Microsoft Universal Pictures, Prada and Nokia are just few of the most important business Companies that every year cooperate with IED for the training of their students also many Fashion Design studio in Italy

Career Prospects Fashion Design School in Italy

This strong relations with the business world allows IED students who successfully end their learning pathway, to meet the real working experience immediately. The Career Service submits portfolios to potentially interested external companies, arranges the selection interviews aimed at activating stages (or training periods), collaborations, and field projects, and ensures constant supporting and monitoring activities. During the study pathway, IED trains students and provide them with the techniques and tools required to write their CVs, to tackle a selection interview, to realize their personal projects portfolio.

The training period is conceived as an on-site learning and training period at one of the companies collaborating with IED. This period – lasting from 2 to 6 months – allows the students to apply the acquired tools and knowledge to a real professional project.

Instead of an internship, students can be involved in a Field Project, i.e. a consulting project or an individual or group collaboration led by a teacher who acts as project tutor. The teacher supports the team in managing the company-customer relationships, in developing the project, in preparing the final report and in presenting the results to the company in a real professional situation.

Career Service IED manages the activation activity and if the selection interview is successful it monitors the training period.

Let Design change your life, at IED.