The Max-Rill-Gymnasium Reichersbeuern Castle

is a state-recognized Gymnasium in the free, private and non-profitmaking ownership of a school association. it is one of the smallest grammar and boarding schools in Bavaria and in Germany.


As a result, a very familiar and trusting atmosphere and a sense of responsibility for each other can arise in our small school community. Teaching in small classes with an average of 16 pupils ensures intensive learning, the appreciation of each individual personality, and close cooperation between the school and the parental home.


Children and young people with different prerequisites and needs live and learn together in our school and in the boarding school: children and young people of foreign descent are admitted in just the same matter-of-course fashion as those who skip a class or have come to us from approved schools. Our aim is to identify and promote the potential of every single child. Important for us is a well-balanced composition of our body of pupils in classes and groups. We understand the diversity of our student body in terms of their family, social and ethnic descent and their individual school biographies as the precondition for rich social and stimulating academic learning.


Key Facts

Students: max 65 boarding students, max 160 in total

Age range: Boys and girls from 11-18

Campus: Situated in Bavaria just on the foothills of the Alps; Lake ‘Tegernsee’ is not far and Munich can be reached in 40 mins by car or train.



Language: German

Diplomas: Abitur (A-levels)

Size of class: Year 5-7: 10-16 students, year 8-12: 16-20 students

Foreign languages: English, French, Latin