“it’s not just a school, it’s a way of life” is undoubtedly the most famous expression students and alumni use to define Les Roches. You’ve probably heard it more than once if you know someone from the school.

Of course, when you apply to a higher education institution, the first thing you think of is likely to be the academic side. What do I want to learn? What is going to lead me to my dream career? But it should not be all you ask yourself when looking for a place to learn. Student life and the feeling you get while visiting your campus for the first time might be just as important. From the bonds you create to moving to a whole new country… these are truly what makes your journey exciting and memorable.

Here is what some of our students have shared with us about Les Roches, life on campus, important takeaways, and much more!

Why did you choose Les Roches?

“I chose Les Roches Crans-Montana for its diversity. I love being surrounded by people who have a completely different background from mine and have had a completely different life experience. I feel like there is so much to learn from Les Roches’ multiculturality, it’s an amazing aspect to life at Les Roches.” – Chiara Vittone, Italy, Global Bachelor Program

“I have been working in the hospitality industry for a few years now and when I decided to pursue a masters, I was very specific about wanting a business degree from a hospitality school. Les Roches’ MBA program with a specialization in Global Hospitality Management was the perfect fit for me.” – Sandhya Rao Pochiraju, USA, MBA Program

How is it to study on the mountains in a place like Crans-Montana?

“The beauty of the Alps, the vastness of Switzerland and all its neighboring countries provide amazing and unique travel opportunities. Drinking a cup of coffee and working with an amazing view to keep you company is very relaxing. However, sometimes I do miss the comforts of home, especially my Indian food!” – Sabah Mehta, India, Bachelor Program

“Studying in a place like Crans-Montana, right in the middle of the mountains is amazing! I have a passion for outdoor activities like skiing in winter and hiking during the summer. I also believe that waking up to this wonderful view of the mountains every morning helps me to start my day right.” –  Chiara Vittone, Italy, Global Bachelor Program

How do you like the student life on campus?

“The student life here is unlike anything else in the world. Les Roches is truly a tight-knit community. Living in the mountains allows us to partake in unique activities. You can spend your weekend on the slopes or discovering Europe’s most picturesque locations with the school trips. After class, you can also join in some of the clubs (Wine Club, Green Club, etc.) or meet up with your friends at the student bar after a long day. Crans-Montana, although small, has many activities taking place throughout the year. One thing for sure is that you will never get bored of the views from the classroom.” – Arianna Lalwani, USA, Bachelor Program

“It allows you to build very strong connections and friendships with the whole community and you never feel lonely. You can easily find people that share your same passions and dreams, therefore allowing you to start building a strong future network. Moreover, I find it very enriching as you are surrounded by people from so many different nationalities, so you never stop learning something new every day.” – Gaia Aveta de Felice, Italy, Bachelor Program

What is your most memorable moment as a student at Les Roches so far?

“The most memorable moment I have encountered so far, was probably when I told my favorite teacher how everything had gone throughout the semester including what I had accomplished so far, and her respond was, ‘I am so proud of you.’” – Mandy Lin, Taiwan, Bachelor Program

What was your biggest challenge so far since joining Les Roches?

“My biggest challenge was adjusting to a new way of life. Coming to Crans-Montana was a big change for me as a I grew up in big cities. But after a year here, I have definitely grown to love the mountain life and have taken advantage of the local activities that are available here.” – Arianna Lalwani, USA, Bachelor Program

What is the most important thing that you learned at Les Roches so far?

“Studying at Les Roches taught me that there is more than one approach to resolving a situation. This school has taught me to look beyond the normality of things, to think out of the box, to be creative, and to take risks. This is my recipe for success!” – Chiara Vittone, Italy, Global Bachelor Program

“It’s never too late for education. I am married and in my 30s – my biggest fear about coming here was that I would be among students much younger than me. On the contrary, I found that there are several people just like me in my very own class.” – Sandhya Rao Pochiraju, USA, MBA Program

“The most important thing I realized is that to progress, your success completely depends on yourself. People can only help you if you put yourself out there and are proactive. Networking, experimenting and talking to students and alumni have all helped a lot!” – Sabah Mehta, India, Bachelor Program

Source: https://lesroches.edu/blog/student-life-experience-switzerland-crans-montana/