Student Ambassadors, Chiara, from Italy, and Anastasiia, from Russia, have become citizens of the world while studying for their BBAs at Les Roches. Now back on the Swiss campus, they share their global journey into the hospitality industry.

When you study abroad you see everything in a different way: how you think, how you speak, and how you approach people and the world. Les Roches gave us the possibility to experience all this at a whole different level.

We started Les Roches in the summer of 2017 and since then, along with our classmates, we have lived in 5 different countries, over 3 continents. We are currently based on the Crans-Montana campus in Switzerland (again!) but we had the chance to spend one semester in Shanghai, China, and another one in Marbella, Spain.

Experiencing cultures

During our internship for six months, we took different paths that led us to the opposite sides of Europe, from a small boutique hotel in Barcelona to the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow. During the past semesters, we were lucky enough to embrace a multitude of different cultures and values very different from our own: the impeccable Swiss punctuality, we felt the amazingly colorful and loud Chinese New Year’s, and we got used to the late hours Spanish lifestyle – yes, everything is pushed back in Spain… prepare your patience!

“We actually have grown and developed so much as people and professionals of the hospitality industry”

Widened horizons

We travelled to so many places in such a short amount of time that we didn’t even think it was possible to handle, but if we look back at when we started this journey in Les Roches, we actually have grown and developed so much as people and professionals of the hospitality industry.

We have widened our horizons, learned new languages including basic Mandarin (essential for surviving in China, take notes!), got many insights of how things are done and perceived differently in different countries, and above all, our class has now become a real family.

Supported along the way

Of course, it has not been always easy. Adapting to so many different realities in such a short time and then changing again can get quite overwhelming at a certain point, but Les Roches has always given us the support and the tools necessary to make the best out of each country and experience.

We will never forget our field trip to the chocolate factory in Switzerland during our first semester, our first typical Chinese meal in Shanghai, or the Spanish wine and jamón degustation in Marbella.

We have had a wonderful time so far and we are looking forward to the rest!