It’s the world’s best country – official!

For each of the last four years, Switzerland has been ranked the World’s Best Country by the influential U.S. News & World Report. In the 2020 rankings, Switzerland finished ahead of runner-up Canada, thanks to a collection of strong top ten placings in categories such as education and quality of life.

It’s the global leader for COVID-19 safety

An in-depth analysis of 200 countries has ranked Switzerland the number one safest country in the world for COVID-19. The research was carried out by data-driven investment company Deep Knowledge Group (DKG) and used 11,400 data points, across a wide range of parameters.

It’s open to the world

Switzerland’s world-leading COVID-19 response means restrictions in areas such as education, hospitality and leisure are now eased. Swiss borders to most of Europe are open, as are hotels, restaurants and bars. Visitors can feel extra safe thanks to the countrywide “Clean & Safe” campaign, with its strict new cleanliness protocols.

It has a world-leading healthcare system

Thanks to a package of restrictions introduced by the government, Switzerland has got COVID-19 well under control. Even as restrictions ease, new COVID-19 cases have remained well below 100 per day countrywide. That’s out of a population of more than 8.5 million.

It’s a magnet for international students

As an international student in Switzerland, you’ll be part of a multinational community that makes up a quarter of all higher education students in the country. Today, there are some 700 degrees taught in English – including those at Glion and Les Roches! We think Switzerland has unbeatable attractions for international students.

It’s a place that will make you happy to be alive!

According to the eighth World Happiness Report, published in March this year, Switzerland is ranked third in the world for happiness, behind only Finland and Denmark.