Hochalpines Institut Ftan 

Swiss International School and Sports Academy

HIF is an international boarding school with a strong local identity. It is attended by students from the local region of the Lower Engadine and by boarding students from Switzerland and around the world. It is located above the village of Ftan (altitude: 1648 metres asl) in a beautiful alpine setting in south-eastern Switzerland. The region borders on Italy and Austria. The local community comprises the village of Ftan (population 500), the nearby town of Scuol (population 2,500) and other villages in the region of the Lower Engadine.

HIF has chosen some of the world’s leading programmes of study recognised for admission by the top universities in the USA, the UK, Switzerland and worldwide. A knowledge-rich and skill-based curriculum promotes mastery of subject content in Languages, Mathematics, the Natural Sciences, the Humanities, the Arts, Sport as well as classes which focus on issues facing societies and individuals across the globe.

Sport is an essential element in HIF education. It promotes health, well-being, resilience, self-discipline and team spirit. What is more, sport is a source of joy, excitement and inspiration. With its team of expert coaches and high-profile training facilities, HIF enables young talents and students interested in sports to combine competitive or leisure sports with any academic programme of their choice.


HIF can look back on a long history: It was founded as Institute à Porta on 1st October 1793 by teacher Andrea Rosius à Porta with a total of 18 students. Eight students came from Zuoz, three from Lavin, one from Scuol and six from Ftan, all children from wealthy Engadin families who, until then, were lacking proper educational possibilities. Andrea Rosius à Porta headed his Institute until 1829, when he handed it over to his two sons. He died in 1838. By 1829, the co-educational Institute counted 556 students.