World Class Hotel Management

Hotel Management with Khun Fon Warittha Kachornvitaya, a fresh MBA graduated student from Les Roches International School of Hotel Management. She had accomplished her internship program with Mandarin Oriental Bangkok in Food and Beverage Department while her last semester she was offered to do internship 2 Rooms Division Department, one Chicago United States and one with her favourite brand – Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi, Chiang Mai. Khun Fon chose to join Mandarin Oriental and shared us while she has learned from internship experience.


“Working for a hotel, customer service and service mind are keys. Without these essences, one will lack the focus and lose sight of the position they work in – that could be considered as the beginning of bad culture. Therefore, when guests have inquiry I would greatly listen and try to satisfy the request within the scope of what we can provide because guests are paying higher price at our hotel so their needs should be taken seriously. This also applies to working with colleagues as well. I would go extra mile to help and contribute more than what being asked for.”


When talking about her impressive experience while studying Hotel Management at Les Roches, she said that words are not enough to describe her valuable memory there.

“I’m very impressed with the whole experience that this Hotel Management, Les Roches has left me especially the challenge of working with wide range of age and nationalities in my MBA class. There were problems in class, it’s common but as weeks went by, everybody developed a great bond and working together became more productive and we were able to enjoy a success of group project by visiting friend’s place for group “Family” dinner. At the end of school year, we have family scatter everywhere in the world.”

Khun Fon also mentioned that Hotel Management at Les Roches’s reputations will support the graduated students to apply for jobs worldwide. She said “You can apply to as many great brands at once and this is the time because while you are in Les Roches everything is easier”

Hotel Management at Les Roches provide great opportunity for graduating students with numbers of top hotel and even retail brands come to school at the end. To name a few: Four Seasons, Hyatt, Ritz Carlton, Mandarin Oriental, St. Regis, Starwood, Walt Disney, Louis Vuitton and major event company sending their HR people to recruit and interview right at the door – all you need is to prepare your professional resume and prepare yourself for such a great chance.

Khun Fon left an inspired message to those parent or Thai students who would like to pursuit their future in the field of Hotel Management.

“If your children discover their passion in service industry early, I would greatly recommend studying Hotel Management at Les Roches since Bachelor degree because they will have years of rich insights and knowledge of industry as well as international networks after they graduate. Moreover, what make Les Roches on top is studying environment, academic programs and practical classes that they offer allowing students to get hands-on knowledge and being in so international environment  plus big family-sphere in school, highly diverse classmates, big and real life project, a lot of Teamwork, great outdoor view – perfect school to study.