For over 100 years, the world‘s finest hotels have turned to SHL Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern for top educated, highly skilled, dedicated, hoteliers and managers to fill their top positions.

Founded in 1909, SHL is the leading professional-oriented hotel management institution in Switzerland. We prepare young talents for becoming inspiring leaders on the global stage. Now, as we celebrate our 110th anniversary, we are proud to open our doors at last to the ambitious hoteliers of the future, to industry leaders, and to entrepreneurs from around the world. We invite you to experience an amazing and exciting SHL student life in Lucerne – home of SHL and the heart of Swiss tourism.



SHL Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern is one of the two original Swiss hotel management schools and offers one of the only two Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management degrees in Switzerland accredited by the Swiss federal government and in compliance with the Bologna Declaration. As the only hotel management school recognized as part of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Lucerne (HSLU), SHL students are guaranteed educational excellence as well as ensured degree recognition throughout Europe and the world. The SHL Bachelor in Hospitality Management programme is a full-time, four-year degree programme, including two paid internships.

  • YEAR 1

Semester one lays the foundation: you get familiarised with the fascinating world of a hotelier. Through a combination of practical experience and theory in F&B, you internalise the attitude of hospitality professionals in both thought and action. During the pre-internship coaching, you receive individual assistance and counselling to assure that you find an exciting internship.

  • YEAR 2

In semester three you will concentrate on Rooms Division. Along with Front Office and Housekeeping, this semester covers the environmental impact and financial aspects of managing the core departments of a hotel.

  • YEAR 3

The following two semesters focus on Business Administration and Hospitality Management, with emphasis on how to generate and maintain financial stability through strong leadership. Individual and group research encourages in-depth reflection on the subjects studied, and you will also write your own business plan in a small group. With the specializations offered in semester six, you can tailor the semester according to your preferences.

  • YEAR 4

In the final two semesters, Management, Finance and Economics are studied in depth. These topics are supported by academic research studies and Mathematics, Entrepreneurship and Intercultural Competence, to provide you with the full range of skills necessary to be able to conduct business at an international level. In addition, you will demonstrate your understanding of the topics covered throughout the programme by writing an individual bachelor thesis.